Comments on Microsoft acquisition of Winternals

Several bloggers are commenting today about Microsoft's acquisition of Winternals and Sysinternals. Ed Bott and a post on Slashdot, among others, both suggest downloading the latest versions of Sysinternals' free utilities while you can, 'cause it's not certain how long they'll remain available. The Sysinternals.com website is, predictably, jammed this afternoon with traffic I assume is from people heeding this advice.

Mark Minasi, author of several books in the Mastering(TM) series from Sybex, comments on this acquisition in his monthly newsletter. Minasi, who discloses that he's been a friend of Winternals' Mark Russinovich for years, says of Russinovich: "This is a good move for him and, I think, in the long run for us all. His presence in Redmond has to be a force for sound architecture, openness and innovation."

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