No guts, no glory

... and in this case, no glory. In yesterday's post about Execute Selection in VFP, I got a bit carried away and tried to achieve a specific layout involving three images and several paragraphs of text. Two of the images were supposed to be side by side, with text above and below but not next to them.

Unfortunately, I failed to anticipate how blogger.com would treat the HTML when it published the post. The result was that the paragraph following the first two images didn't start below the images as intended, but instead flowed inline to the right. How much (if any) of the first part of that paragraph you could see depended on the width of your browser window. It was, to say the least, not very readable.

This morning I fixed the layout and republished the post. To avoid creating a duplicate, the republished post has the same publication date/time and item ID as the original, meaning that if your feed reader already retrieved the original it won't detect the updated one as being new. In some feed readers, such as FeedDemon, you can delete the original item and the reader will pick up the updated version when you refresh the feed.

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