Presentation Fears and Fiascos

As I work to put the finishing touches on my presentations for Southwest Fox 2006, I had a good laugh at this post on Scott Guthrie's blog this morning. Scott posts a link to The ten worst presentation moments from the Microsoft UK site along with the story of one of his own "interesting" conference presentation experiences. Anybody who's made a presentation to a group of any size can probably identify with these moments, or at least has had the fear of something similar happening to them. On the list of ten, my personal favorite is #4. What's yours?

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Yes, that one was a great post, I don't remember the number, but my fav is the American speaker who was speaking in french to the Dutch speaking Belgian audience assuming they were from the French cantons.

BTW, since I won't be there, good luck with your presentation for SWFox, I always enjoyed your sessions back in the Great Lakes Workshop times.
Cheers, Juan Calcagno.
Thanks for the kind words, Juan. The Great Lakes Workshops were always good times, weren't they? Southwest Fox is every bit its equal, too.
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