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What's the most recommended database development tool from Microsoft? According to the Recommended Downloads that showed up at the bottom of the page when I downloaded Internet Explorer 7 RC1 a couple of days ago, it's Visual FoxPro! VFP comes in at number 2 on the list, just edging out SQL Server 2005.

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The image below is split for size considerations. The highlighting is mine, but the image is real.

I don't know how Microsoft generates that list but I have to believe it's dynamic. I wonder if anyone who doesn't already have VFP installed would ever get this same list? But anyway it's always nice to see the Fox show up in unexpected places.

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Hi Rick,
The list is generated based on what you have recently searched for. Try this: search for DOS and then start downloading the DOS 6.2 Setup files. Magically Microsoft will start recommending DOS as a download. Sadly, I don't think they've put too much effort into the Recommended Downloads algorithm {g}.
This is almost certainly based on your own search activity in microsoft.
Everybody seems to have missed a Fox sighting in the September 5th issue of PC Magazine. See Page 80. In the context of "What should U buy?" in the realm of CPU's there is the category "The Engineer." AGE: Fortysomething, PROFESSION: Database Guru, FAVORITE APPS: FoxPro, DB2, SQL Server. I don't agree with their processor choice. Anyway, it has been years since PC Mag mentioned the Fox at all. Apparently one of their authors has heard of it!

Tim Saylor
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