Truncated descriptions in feed

I discovered yesterday that the descriptions in my last seven posts were truncated in the feed. This means if you were viewing the posts in a feed reader you saw only about the first 255 characters of the post. If you were viewing the blog as a web page you saw the full post.

This isn't the first time Blogger.com has done this to me, and I'm not the only one it's done it to. I rechecked my settings, which haven't changed (Settings | Site Feed | Description | Full). I have no idea what's causing this to happen, but it's annoying.

This morning I republished the truncated posts and confirmed the feed now has full descriptions. They were reposted with the same date, time, and title as the originals, so this shouldn't cause duplicates in your reader.

If anybody knows why this happens, please leave a comment.

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Hi Rick,

I noticed this in my feed back a month or so ago. I posted a report on blogger.com and have not received any feedback on the issue. It is random when it gets turned on and off on my blog. I never made a change to the setting.

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