FeedDemon 2.1 Beta

With my Southwest Fox conference presentations behind me, my laptop machine is once again fair game for fun new stuff including beta releases. At least, for beta releases of software I've grown to trust, which includes FeedDemon. Tonight I installed FeedDemon 2.1 Beta 3a, replacing the latest release version on this machine. My immediate first impression is that it's a lot faster, both at downloading feeds and at moving among them in the reader once the feed cache has been updated. Browsing feeds on this machine has always been a bit sluggish, which I've always attributed to a relatively slow processor (800 MHz) and a relatively large number of feeds (480, with a cache size somewhere north of 135MB). If the speed difference is real and not just a difference in my perception it'll be a welcome improvement. Release notes for v2.1 Beta 3 are here.


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