Great One-day Deal on Automise

News today from VSoft Technologies, publishers of FinalBuilder, that their companion product Automise is featured on Bits du Jour today at a whopping 90% discount. Bits du Jour is a "One deal a day" website that features software products. Today's deal is Automise for $19.50 against a regular price of $195.00.

VSoft Technologies describes Automise as "very similar to FinalBuilder but aimed at Sys Admin, Network Admins and other IT professionals. It's got the power and ease of use of FinalBuilder, but is cheaper and lacks the developer specific stuff (like compilers, version control systems, etc)."

FinalBuilder is a powerful tool for software developers to automate the process of building their software release packages. I've been using FinalBuilder for several months now and it's become one of those indispensable products you wonder how you ever got along without. Looks like Automise could be equally useful, and you certainly can't beat today's price.

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Footnote: Bits du Jour has an RSS feed at http://bitsdujour.com/blog2/wordpress/?feed=rss2.

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