HowTo: Remove Outlook 2007 Instant Search Prompt

If you've installed Outlook 2007 but declined to install the optional Instant Search feature, Outlook continues to prompt you to enable Instant Search by displaying a clickable banner beneath the currently open folder name. You can remove this banner by unchecking the "Show prompts to enable Instant Search" checkbox under Tools ¦ Options ¦ Other ¦ Advanced Options.

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Very nice, Thanks.
Thanks, good lookout!
Thank You!
worked perfect, thank you
Worked like a charm. Thanks.
Thanks! Stopped this from annoying me for more than five minutes!
Thank you!!!
Many thanks. I usually check out the Options dialog in new programs/versions very carefully, but this slipped past me.
Thanks, truly appreciated. Instant search is convenient for Outlook, but it takes over the normal Windows search and limits options too much.
Thank you so much.
Hooray it was driving me mad!
Great thanks :) !!! the daily grind to configure any MS product continues. good tip.
Excellent! What was MS thinking?
thanks a million. it has annoined me so much.
Thanks a lot!
Thnak you thank you thank you

I mean, is Microsoft simply stupid? Have they not realized that being annoying is not a good tone for customer relationship?
Thank You...
Cheers, that was annoying the crap out of me <3
love your work :D
Thanks so very much for this info. That was so annoying. Duh on my part for not finding it myself.

Thanks mate, was pretty irritating!
Thanks. One more annoying ms option removed, 10,000 more to go.
Thankyou very much !!!!!
That is really a great suggestion. Happy to get it so quickly
Thank you so much. Outlook is dumb! But now it's a little better.
Cheers, stopped me from punching the monitor !!:-)
Thanks so much for providing that info. Bye Bye annoyment.
Thanks! search was killing my machine and after uninstalling this bar was driving me nuts! not a far trip ;)
Hi, thanks for your good prompt!
Great stuff! Thanks!
I swear I searched forever for this and couldn't find it. Thanks for helping! I almost enabled instant search so I could have it search for itself. hah.
I did this, but it keeps coming back.
I can get rid of it again, but each time I shut down Outlook and restart it, that stupid search is back again.

It never goes away, dumb MS virus.

I hate MS.
Thanks for that! Windows search works well, but I prefer Copernic Desktop Search, which has much better preview handling.
The Outlook prompt for Instant Search was pretty annoying after several months!
Thank you. I am using Google desktop instead of MS Search and you made my day a little nicer ...
Nice one, thanks. Typical MS clumsy attempt to push their own product, I'd happy with Google desktop.
Thanks so much.. that thing was driving me nuts!
Can this be performed within the office customisation tool?
many many thanks from Bremen, Germany!!! Georg
Cheers for that. I spent ages looking how to disable it.
Thank you for sharing this tibit of information.
In what possible world was it necessary for them to make it prompt like this? It's like their trying to shove it down your throat!
Thanks! I hated that prompt staring me in the face!
Big help, thank you!
Thanks for that tip. The REALLY annoying thing is that if you serach inside the Outlook help menu for instructions how to remove the prompt is specifically tells you that you CANNOT remove it and gives advice like getting rid of your other toolbars if you need more space on the screen. Why would you want to remove USEFUL toolbars and not this completely UNUSEFUL one? And why do they lie and tell you that you cant get rid of it when clearly (and easily) you can.
Thanks for helping out where M$ chose not to.
You're a freaking genius. I was so annoyed by that little thing after I had already uninstalled the dumb thing, I almost got rid of Outlook just out of spite.

Thanks again.
Awesome, those options menus are really overwhelming and finding a single option is some random section is tough, this helped immensely!
This is great! Thank you! Microsoft's help says that it's not possible to remove that little bar.
Great tip cheers
uhh.. yaa ... perfect.
I goofed and actually installed instant search. As others have said, having it take over regular folder search is unbelievably annoying. So I want to uninstall it. Nothing to uninstall under add/remove programs; Outlook help says you can disable it (not uninstall it) by unchecking the boxes under "index" in the search options - no such check boxes. Any of you guys who've successfully uninstalled it altogether?
oops - found it. To Uninstall it, you have to look for "Windows Search" instead of "Instant" anything in add/remove programs. Tricky.
great, thank you so much.. that really helps
Rick - you are a Prince! I hated that prompt....
I'm really baffled as to why this checkbox isn't under the search options dialog where it would make sense. Thanks for the pointer.
I can't believe I waited this long to search that out. Very Annoying. Thanks.
Thank you
Fantastic. The number of times I kept clicking on that by mistake, when I just wanted to do a search. Now it is gone, for good.
finally some valueable advise
Brilliant! This has been annoying me for ages! =)
You are my new Hero
Thanks for telling us where M$ buries the turning off of this button.

It really hacks me off that it was not a Outlook or Office specific search, but just M$' attempt to push Google out of indexing our desktops.

I really wish that they would be more up front about how to turn this stuff off rather than insist on having us install it to have the "feature" go away.
Thank you very much!
Thanks for the tip.

Outlook is a goddamn mess. It's ridiculous that I need to google what I want to do everytime I want to change a behaviour.
Great tip! It drove me nuts. Thanks a lot.
fantatstic.. thanks for the tip- it was driving me nuts!!

Gobble Gobble - Happy Turkey Day! XP Pro started behaving **very** badly - it takes a daily hard pounding and lasted for almost 4 years. All it needed was a drive reformat. Anyway, I was reloading software. Found your post - thanks.

I make a living off a VFP application - nice to see you are there also.

Perfect - thanks!
Thank you! Your information allowed me to get rid of the stupid prompt, when I couldn't find anything on the Microsoft support site!!
I never thought to look in that area. Thanks for the answer.
Thank you!
Thanks a lot.
It was a stupid and annoying prompt.
Thank you. It was so annoying!
Many thanks - that's great
Thanks a lot, annoying Micro$oftware as usual.
Thank you! Windows Desktop Search blows. My must they annoy me to get it?
Thank you! It works!
Any idea how to prevent Outlook from prompting to download this in the first place? I'm using the OCT to customize my install. Thanks for any help !
THANK YOU!!! That prompt was very annoying.
Ah... finally, relief! Thanks :)
Thank you!
Thank You!I installed Instant Search.
I hated it immensely.
I removed it.
I hated being prompted even more.
I found your post.
I removed the prompt.
I am happy again.

Thanks...truly a POS feature....
thank for this info. i was getting annoyed of that banner. i found this place through google.
I use xobni => way better!
Thanks a lot! I finally managed to remove this annoying message.
Thank you. I haven't used the search integrated in outlook for a long time because it is easier for me to work with my other search tool (lookeen) but this is a very useful tip.
Thank you! I've only been using Outlook for a short while and already clicked on the damn thing like ten times!
This is why people do not like MS products, they always make difficult to disable what they want you to use while there is so simple way how to let people disable it -> Some say: "So do not use it"; but is there REALLY other option ? THANK YOU for show me this time.
Awesome man, thanks, this banner was driving me nuts!
Many thanks :)
Thanks. Office does not install the usefull features and add nags to download M$ products that you dont want.
What's really annoying is that option is not able to be controlled through Group Policy... bloody hell!
Fantastic. Thank You!!!
Thanks, it was either this or take a sledge hammer to the computer!
Thank You! Installed Windows Desktop Search on XP... Removed after a few minutes.
Simple instructions

Many Thanks from the UK
You made it easy! Thank you! Nik
Thank you!!
Thank You!!
perfect, thanks!
you are great! man!
i've been puzzling for the past year.
nice one
Wicked thanks !!!
Thanks a lot! :-) That bar was driving me insane!
Thanks a lot!
Legend! Many thanks.
What a relief to stop Outlook nagging to install a feature I really didn't like.
Like everyone else I'm in your debt. Many thanks!
From this control freak, thank you.
Thank you!!! That Instant Search is for people who've never previously used computers. I tried finding an ISO file on my hard drive... IMPOSSIBLE!!! I would have had to index the entire 1.5TB drive.
And Microsoft is wondering why people are still using XP... BECAUSE IT WORKS!!!
I hate this instant search pane, spent a little while trying to remove. It works nicely, many thanks
Thanks Alot!!. Microsoft said you can't delete it!!
Thank You!
Thank You!-and to think i almost clicked to turn it on-
Thank you very much!
That bar was driving me mad.
What do you do if the checkbox isn't there?

I saw a screen shot that showed the box that needs to be unchecked highlighted but the funny thing is on my window all those same options are there EXCEPT for the "show prompts for search blah blah whatever"

I'm assuming this was moved or removed in an update at some point.
Thanks a lot !!!!
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