Installed Office 2007

I took a deep breath and installed Office 2007 as an upgrade on top of Office 2003 this afternoon. Since I rely on Outlook for a lot of things I hedged a little and backed up up my .pst files first, but other than that I decided to just fire up the installer and see how it went.

Answer: it went very smoothly. And unlike Craig Berntson's experience, no reboot was required (although Craig had a beta previously installed and I didn't, which might be the difference).

The only glitch with a 3rd party product I've seen so far occurred when I first fired up Outlook. Outlook advised me the avast! Outlook/Exchange plugin had a problem and asked if I wanted to disable it. I said yes and Outlook came up normally, after which I was able to start the Outlook/Exchange provider from the avast! menu. Looks like a trip to the avast! support forum is in order for this one.

On the other hand, my Qurb spam blocker continues to work in Outlook 2007 with no problems, which was a big relief because Qurb was absorbed by CA some time ago and is no longer supported under that name.

The new ribbon control in Word, Excel, etc. is going to take some getting used to, but probably not as much as I'd initially thought. And although I like blue as much as the next person, the default blue color scheme was immediately too much for me. Changing it to silver was easy, though, which put it more in line with my XP color scheme and made me a happy camper again.

I'm sure there's a lot to learn here, but so far so good. Next step: testing Office 2007 automation from VFP.

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