QuickBooks Pro 2007 Update Problem & Solution

Today when I launched QuickBooks Pro 2007, it prompted me to install an update it had automatically downloaded. The update ran normally for a while, but then at a point where it was running something in a visible command window, the command window showed that three items failed to run because they were "not recognized as in internal or external command." The three items are Components\QBAgent\QBMsgMgr.exe, Components\QBAgent\qbdagent2002.exe, and axlbridge.exe.

This was followed immediately by a File Copy Failure dialog containing the message QuickBooks failed to update all files because some of these files are being used by QuickBooks and its related components. Please re-start your computer and run "postpatch.bat" in the QuickBooks application directory.

Don't you love it when this kind of stuff happens?

Nothing related to QuickBooks was running at the time, save for the update itself and the QB automatic update detection process, which always runs. Hard to believe that would interfere with an update, but at this point that was my only guess.

After re-starting the machine I killed the QB automatic update detection process, ran postpatch.bat and encountered the same error. So contrary to the original error message, the problem is evidently not related to files being in use by QuickBooks.

I inspected the batch file and found that it registers several components, then tries to register the three files mentioned above. Fortunately, these three are grouped together in a section of the batch file commented as Needed for Payroll feature, which provided the clue to the reason for the failure: I don't have the payroll feature installed. A quick check of the QuickBooks application directory confirmed that these three files are not present on my machine, which of course explains the error.

While this turned out to be relatively minor annoyance, it cost me some time and is something Intuit should have caught in testing before releasing the update. Fortunately, it appears the rest of the update installed correctly.


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