75% Discount on ListPro

ListPro, a terrific little tool for creating and managing lists of all kinds, is featured on Bits du Jour today for only $4.95 against its regular price of $19.95.

I've used ListPro for several years and have found it to be useful for all kinds of personal and work-related lists. For example, the screenshot is a sample software deployment checklist I demo'd at a recent conference presentation. Items in a list can be arranged into groups in a hierarchy, and groups can be expanded or folded up for ease of use. List items can also be easily moved around to alter their sequence and relative position in the hierarchy. This screenshot shows only two of the several columns that can be associated with each item in a list. I also use ListPro to maintain my pre-conference packing and checklist when preparing to leave on a trip.

As with all items on Bits du Jour, this is a one-day price. ListPro is available for Windows PCs as well as for handheld and other mobile devices.

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Why not try ToDoList costs even less (free)!


Yes. Great little program. I bought it many, many years ago for my iPaq PPC and got the Windows version too.
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