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SourceGear's Eric Sink came back from SD West 2007 with some extra T-shirts. SourceGear, in case you didn't know, makes tools for professional software developers, and founder Eric Sink is a prolific writer on the subject of software development and the business of software. His blog posts and other writings have earned him a reputation as a guy worth listening to; IMO his stuff is required reading for anyone in the software business.

Back to the T-shirts. At SD West 2007, the deal was you had to agree to wear it around the conference to get one. Rather than letting the extras sit around in a box in the back of the office, Eric's now making them available to anyone who asks and agrees to post a photo of themself wearing it (plus a couple of other requirements - read his blog post for details).

This sounded like fun, and hey, you can't have too many geek T-shirts, can you? So thanks, Eric, for the 'Evil Mastermind' shirt. Here's my photo; as you can see, I had a little fun with it, too. The full-size image is on Flickr.

(Click the shirt to make it speak).

Side note for anybody who's going to Southwest Fox 2007 in Phoenix in October: Keep your eyes open for me wearing this shirt. The first person who comes up to me there and tells me they saw this picture on my blog earns a frosty-cold beverage of their choice.

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You make a pretty good Mastermind! I am going to have to hop on over and get my T-shirt too.

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