New videocast on Inno Setup 5.0 with VFP

I've just posted a new videocast on using Inno Setup 5.0 with VFP apps. This videocast describes how to customize an Inno Setup script so you can install your database files to a location that's independent of where the EXE and other workstation files are installed.

The videocast is available from a link on my FoxPro developers page at www.ita-software.com/foxpage.aspx. To launch the video, click on the 'Video' link under the title Deploying Multi-User VFP Apps with Inno Setup 5.0. The video should start playing automatically. Total running time is 16:31.

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Southwest Fox 2005 papers published

The white papers from my two presentations at the Southwest Fox conference in Phoenix, Arizona last October are now available on my website. Integrating RSS with Visual FoxPro Applications explores ideas for leveraging RSS in VFP apps, while Roll Your Own Windows Installer Setups is a primer on using the Windows Installer XML toolset (WiX) to deploy VFP apps.

Both papers are available in PDF and HTML. Tip: choose the PDF version if you can. The HTML version is what you get when you save a Word document as HTML, which looks pretty good at 600x800 but degrades rather badly in larger browser windows because there is no width constraint.

Southwest Fox conference organizer Bob Kocher didn't place any restrictions on publishing the papers from his conference, but as a courtesy I feel it's appropriate to wait about three months before doing this so as not to diminish the value of the content for those who paid to attend the conference. And speaking of Southwest Fox, be sure you don't miss the 2006 edition coming up on October 19-22.

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"A New Look for IE"

From Max Stevens over at the Microsoft IEBlog, several screen shots and accompanying commentary on what's new in the IE 7 user interface.


Blogger Spell Checker

Blogger's spell checker doesn't recognize the word 'blog'. Gee, you'd think it would know that one.


SnagIt 8.0 Installer Options

In my blog post last Monday I commented that the installer for SnagIt 8.0 installs the plugins for Microsoft Office applications without asking if you want them. This is true if you run a 'typical' install, which most people probably will do. I haven't gone back to verify this, but I'm pretty sure the installer for SnagIt 7.0 presented this choice as part of the typical install. In any case, it turns out these choices are still available for SnagIt 8.0 but you have to choose a 'custom' install to see them.

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