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Find out what the Visual FoxPro community is blogging about!

FoxBlogs is a new tag cloud. A tag cloud is a collection of keywords from RSS feeds. Tag clouds are organized and formatted to show what people are blogging about the most. Clicking on a link in the cloud takes you to a list of blog articles related to that keyword.

The FoxBlogs tag cloud is set up to scan blogs published by people in the Visual FoxPro community. There's a list of these blogs below the cloud. If your blog isn't listed and you'd like it to be included, just let me know. On the other hand, if your blog is listed below and you'd rather not have it included in the FoxBlogs tag cloud, please let me know that, too. In any case, I hope the FoxBlogs tag cloud turns out to be a valuable community resource.

 FoxBlogs - the Visual FoxPro Community Tag Cloud

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 The FoxBlogs tag cloud includes the following feeds:

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OPML checked by The FoxBlogs feed list is stored as an OPML file. OPML, an acronym for Outline Processor Markup Language, is an XML-based format for outline-structured lists. The FoxBlogs tag cloud is populated from this OPML file, and the list of feeds shown above is rendered by applying an XSLT transform to the OPML file. If you're interested, you can download the OPML file for the FoxBlogs feed list and see what it looks like.

OPML™ is a trademark of Scripting News, Inc. See the OMPL website for more information.

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